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(5) You are in the big blind in a $5-$10 pokeur game looking at a pair of deuces in a six-handed unraised pot. The flop comes 8♦-5♥-2♠, giving you a bottom set. The poker player who has the little bldin leads At the pot for $60; you just call. A sound poker playr in the middle position-Gary, who had been the second poker player to enter the pot, raises to a total of $170. The original bettor as well as the rest of the field fold. What do you do when both you and Gary each have about a grand left?

Answer:- fold (10)    call (3)   raise(0)

Explanation:- You should always think about the rival poker player is likely to hold. It seems quite possible that the rival poker player would have raised a pre-floop with a pair of jacks through aces, as A poker player had opened the pot ahead of him. The rival poker player would have more likely made a larger raise in this spot than $110 more with a $240 pot, as he ’d want to shut you out if he had a pair of nines or tens, and he did not raise perflop.

  There are remote chances of two pair such as eights And fives. I mucked my three aces After deciding that my rival poker player had probably flopped a set. At the end of the session, when i told Gary about this, he told me that i had I had done the wrong thing. After that i met Gary after a long gap of five years At a poker tournament. He asked me whether i remembered him or not and I told him that i did.

  He said that he wanted to tell me something for a long time. He asked if i remembered the deal up at the Lake where i folded trips Against him. He continued and said that he did not tell me the truth afterwards. He said that he had flopped the set and I made a good laydown. I smiled and thanked for being honest with me. It is not good to get broke every time you flop a set.

(6) In the big-blind, you pick up J♥-10♥. Three poker players call a quarter and the button raises to $125 straight. The little blind flds; what do you do?

Answer:- fold (1)  Call (3)  Raise(1)

Explanation:- Throughout the deal, your position will be bad especially on the flop betting round, where a bet by the preflop raiser would come through you with the field yet to act. The jack-ten suited is basically a drawing hand even though you might have A reasonable hand. Especially at pot-limit hold’em poker, a drawing poker hand needs good position.

(7) In late position, you pick up A♠-K♠ and open for A raise to $100 straight. The only caller is the bigs bindl. A poker player by the name of Hurley is very aggressive and smart. The flop comes in your favor: A♦-9♥-3♠. You have toop pair with top kicker. Hurley checks And you bet $200. He calls. 8♥ is the next card. He checks, you bet $400, and he calls Again. 2♣ is the last card. You are surprised by the rival poker player’s move of an all-in bet of $1,500, a bit more than the size of the pot which is $1,415. Of course, he is either bluffing or can easily beat one pair. What should you do in such a scenario?

Answer:- fold (10)    call (0)

Explanation:- It is Almost certain that your rival poker player has a hand which is better than yours. No drawing prospects were offered by the flop. Your rival poker player showed that he had made a hand by calling on the flop and on fourth poker street. He has little need to bluff.

  It would be natural for the rival poker player to check after the final card if his hand were something like A-Q or A-J and certainly it would not be to make a big bet. Your hand belongs in the amuck. After i had folded this hand, my rival poker player told me that he had flopped a set on nines. I learnt two lessons from this.

  The first is that when the rival poker player has got  a made hand, it is less likely that he will try and win the pot by representing a bigger hand than he actually has. To simply show it down and hope for the best is the normal action. The second is when the rival poker player whose betting late in a hand is inconsistent with his betting early in a hand, the later information is likely to be the truth.

(8) You hold a♥-10♥. The flop comes 10♦-7♦-3♥. In an unraised pot, three of the poker players stayed for the flop, so there is nearly hundred dollars in the pot. The first poker player bets $100, the second poker player folds, and you call. On fourth street comes the 2♥, which makes you a four-flushes. Your rival poker player bets $250. You call, making $800 in the pot. J♥ is A pleasant last card, giving you a nit flush. How much do you bet when your rival poker player checks?

Answer:- $1000(10) $800(8) $500(5)   

Explanation:- The best thing to do in such situations is to overbet the pot. An even grand looks like a good figure. When a backdoor flussh gets completed on the last card, and you either have the flush, or have nothing and wish to bluff, overbetting the pot is the right thing to do.

  Thus, making it clear that flush is represented by you, and the rival poker palyer should not be concerned whether he has one pair, two pair, a set, or even a staight. Either you are blluffing and busted out or you have him beaten by holding a flush. At least there is no confusion about what you are representing.

(9) During the 1987 World poker championship, jay Heimowitz a wily and aggressive veteran from New York, are tournament co-leaders At this point. Both of you have just over hundred thousand dollars in chips. You are at the same table courtesy your fate! You are on the button and Jay is in the big blind. A pair of aces which is your hand is An uncommon and nice sight. All the poker players fold and you make a small raise. Your only caller is Jay. There is nearly about eight grand in the pot. How do you play the hand when the hand comes 10♦-6♥-4♠ and Jay checks?

Answer:- check(10)    bet (6)

Explanation:- You should avoid major confrontations with another big stack in the game of poker tournament if you have a big stack of chips. It is A matter of fierce debate as to how far out of your way should one go. My advice to budding poker players is that with this kind of a flop, you get all-in against Jay Heimowitz for a hundred grand each, those aces won’t be your best hand even though there are eight thousand in the pot.

  In the likely event of my aces being still boss, my plan was to make some money and not to get broke in case it did not happen. I checked on the flop. On fourth street Jay bet $6,000 and I just called. Jay bet $12,000 in the end, and again called. A pair of queens was his hand. I won the pot as there were small cards on the board. From a dangerous rival poker player, i picked up just over twenty grand.

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