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  I know one poker dealer who stole chips from the pot on A regular basis. He was a heavy sports bettor and apparently not too successful at it. The poker player was finally caught and barred from the poker industry. We are fortunate to catch this type of thief as it is very difficult to catch this type of thief.

  The poker players themselves deal the cards in most home puokur games And in some casinos. In this type if scenario, cheating is much more prevalent. The American style is to have a poker playr shuffle the cards, get the deck cut by the poker player on his right and then advance to the deal.

  You are asking for trouble by using this inferior system of letting the same poker player shuffle. The English style where the poker player to the left of the poker dealer shuffles And the poker player on the dealer’s right cut the cards is much better.

  The holdout artist is one of the most dangerous types of cheaters. This type of poker cheater is Adept at palming a card, moving it to a storage place such as the knee pit and switching it back into the poker game to make a winning hand at the opportune moment. If the poker player is Adept at this maneuver, do not expect to see anything funny.

  You would find a mechanical holdout machine being used only in movies. A poker cheater will always try to deny accusations. Having the poker dealer regularly count the deck stub at the end of the deal is the only way to defeat him. You would not come to know who is doing cheating but you would definitely come to know if anything suspicious is going on.

  Marking the cards is perhaps the best-known cheating method. For this, a type of dab can be used which is only visible through special contact lenses. Having the deck of cards tested at a laboratory is the only way you can detect this.

  Luckily, this type of poker cheating is not as deadly as one might assume. As the poker dealer burns the top card first, the poker cheater does not know what cards will be coming. The cards should be held out in such a way that only a corner of them is peeking out. (To completely hide your hand is not fair.)

  Nail-marked cards Are far more common than daub-marked cards. Nail-marked cards might either be unintentional or purposeful. Many times, manufactures notice minor defects such as A small white circular area which will be visible on the cards. The same deck of cards must not be used for an excessive length of time in the game because of these reasons.

  When two poker players in the poker game are partners, the most common form of cheating occurs. One of the poker players signals when he has a good hand and then slowplays it. The other poker player sends the whole field into the jaws of death by putting in a modest size raise.

  It is easy to become suspicious And hard to prove anything in this type of cheating which is much more effective in pot-limit poker than limit poker play. If you know your poker players, it certainly helps. Always keep in mind when this type of poker paly happens in the poker game and see if it regularly the same two particular poker players involved.

  There are certain poker players who refuse to bet each other when they are heads-up in a pot. It is possible that they might not be cheating. The general thumb rule of identifying poker cheater is by knowing that the poker cheater is trying to hide what he is doing. 

  Normally, the poker players Are friends who have a misguided idea of how pals must act when they play in the same poker game. From my experience, I will advise the “soft poker palyers” to either change their ways or not to play in the same poker game at the same time. A bad gambling ambience is created because of such behavior which creates A rift.

  You should act in the following way when you think that you have discovered cheating of any kind. Never get confrontational. Of course, the poker cheater will deny everything and might make you out a quick-triggered paranoid. You may even get into a fight.

  Always remember that there are things such as guns And knives if you think that you are so tough that this thought does not dismay you. In anticipation of trouble, a poker cheater might be ready before hand. Quitting the poker game is the right way to act. Give warning to your friends in private about what you have seen.

  There are some poker players who have sometimes decided to play in a poker game even after finding out that cheating is prevalent. In certain scenarios, you would be hurting your pocketbook as sometimes the poker game is very good and the poker players Are bad. Quitting is not the only option in such a scenario.

  To protect yourself against thieves, play in places which have good procedures for this. The most important defense against a thief is the house which has proper anti-cheating procedures. Always be discreet whenever you run into cheating. Never get into fights, or get sued or create a bad impression on other poker players.

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