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    Money brings out the darker side in some people which is An unfortunate attribute of human nature. As big-bet poker is played for huge sums, it often attracts the attention of unscrupulous persons.

    a poker player should know how to protect himself from such unwanted bad elements. Almost any poker player can be a cheater. The following letter was printed in advice column of Abby Van Buren in 1977:

    Dear Abby: What sort of poker player is one who cheats At cards And when asked about it throws the card up in the air and ponders over it for the rest of the evening. Abby this poker player has A Ph.D. In nuclear physics And has got a good paying job.

    No poker player should be completely exempted from suspicion simply because he is holding a high social post even though a cheater is more likely to be some type of lowlife character.

    There are very slim chances of being cheated on a given occasion. However, the odds Are heavily in favor of encountering this problem at some point in your poker career. Your motto while playing a poker game should be “Protect yourself at all times.”

    There are four basic types of cheating. The first type if cheating in online poker game is cheating by the dealer in collusion with a poker player, the second type is cheating by the dealer acting alone, the third is cheating between poker players And fourth is by a poker player acting alone.

    Even though, collusion between poker players is the most common form, the most dangerous kind is the one done by the dealer. Let us first discuss About cheating by the dealer.

    We are talking about a public cardroom or other game site where the dealer is there to deal the cards And does not play in the poker game himself. As the dealer normally would not want to take the chance of losing his job and getting barred from the poker industry, this type of cheating is very rare.

    a poker player who cheats At poker is normally very good at it. Don’t hope to see the cheating itself. A seasoned dealer can use a false shuffle and deal seconds-dealing the second card instead of the top card-without detection by A rookie or a trained eye.

    To prevent cheating, your first line of defense against a cheating poker player is having a good understanding of the procedures by the house. “Cold deck” i.e. A deck which is stacked ahead of time and then run into the poker game is the most damaging form of cheating.

    To avoid this, the house procedure should be that any new deck must be fanned out faceup on the table for inspection and then turned facedown and thoroughly scrambled before being used. It should be scrambled before using even though the deck might have previously been used.

    Obviously, before dealing, the deck should be cut. You should do this using one hand only and using a clean release by the other hand. A dealer should never be allowed to leave the deck half-cut in two piles And allowed to do other operation such as taking in antes.

    There is some danger of the two halves being put back together in the same order they came apart as it would allow a poker player to locate a card. Until a dealer knows where a card is, he cannot give a confederate a made-up hand.

    Thus, the poker player’s discards should be intermingled with the remaining stock of the deck in A random manner at the end of every deal. A faulty procedure is one where the poker dealer picks up discards in a deliberate manner and puts them on the top of the new deck being made up, folds the next hand and sees which poker player winds up with those cards.

    Before starting his shuffle, the poker dealer should select the cards which he wants to give his confederates And put them on top of the deck if the poker dealer wants to use a crooked deal. The only way you can catch a cheater is by looking at the way he is Assembling discarded cards As you would not be able to detect anything improper once the poker dealer has started shuffling the cards.

    This is the perfect time to point out that cards must be faced away from the poker dealer when he picks up discards And squares up the deck at the end of a deal. In an effort to make sure that the poker players do not see and locate any cards, many British poker dealers face the deck towards themselves.

    This is not good. Honesty, if the poker dealer knows where the cards Are, he is in a far better position to damage you than any other poker player. Again a house should have rules which protect the poker player in the best way. In some rare cases, either the poker player or the poker dealer will try to palm a chip and remove it from the pot.

    This type of thievery is prevented by having surveillance camera. From my experience, I would advise you to use a “betting line ” an oval line which remarks the pot area. For it to be a legal bet, this line must be crossed by chips going into the pot.

    The poker players Are encouraged to put bets where the poker dealer can easily reach them due to this line. Thus, the task of retrieving any chips from the pot becomes much more difficult for the poker player.

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