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  Since, there are so many potentially larger straights to destroy your hand, this needs A pot bet. The situation is so bad that your hand should have been mucked on the flop. Out of the twelve straightened cards, only two were the nuts. In the first example, out of the sixteen streight cards, ten were the stone-cold nuts.

  In order to squeeze the last drop of advantage from the pot you are more likely to bet the maximum in a half-pot. You hold the straight at Ohmaha poker game. You have no defense against the certain trips he has. It is now necessary to bet the maximum because, after doing so, he is receiving 3-1 for his money and is only 3.2 to 1 against.

  As there is some chance that you are bluffing, he must call. There are opportunities for some fancy plays when there are three or more poker players in the pot and one has A fairly short stack. However, you must be accurate and fast. There is no point in asking how much the poker player has left; you are going to take your actions Apparently innocently.

  Due to this reason it is better if only chips Are used because then it is easier to count the rival poker player down. For example, if there is $5K in the pot. You are the first to speak with unlimited funds, 3id follows with unlimited funds And Dave holding $18K is last to speak. You should bet more than $4K if you are strong.

  Thus, Sid comes to know that you will not be able to reraise if Dave raises All-in. Thus, is more likely to call. Less than $4K is the better play when you are weak. Now, Sid knowing that he might have to face two aces may pass. Let us look at London lowball.

  You are followed by Dave. Although, you are currently winning you would still like Sid to stack. Betting $2K into the $5K pot is the correct play. Dave. raises $6K. To win $15K, Sid must call $8K. You have overshadowed his odds down below 2-1, whereas A pot bet would have given him 21-8. Also, as you are threatening A raise of $29K you are making him risk a fortune.

  He is most likely to back off. Dave. might not be cooperative and may pass or just call. This is not that terrible. Although, Sid might have been given a cheap ticket to the seventh street there is less to worry about as the pot is smaller. A much better option seemed to be check. However, you wanted Sid out, and he always gets 2-1 in a check-raise.

  You can use reverse psychology in these coups And play the hand the other way round provided both you and the rival poker player have read this book. Therefore, i put much more emphasis on disguising your knowledge, knowing the precise pot size, and knowing how deep the money is.

  Now, your rival poker player can’t know your motive for betting that exact sum of money. It always helps if you keep them guessing and off-balance. You can understand from the previous discussion the dreadful effects on play when the dealer announces the pot size, either by giving voluntary information which was not asked for or because of a foolish house policy.

  When both you and the rival poker player are aware of the exact amount in the pot the bets take on a different meaning. Due to this reason, we big-bet poker players prefer the deelar to remain silent unless there is direct query about the pot size by the poker palyer. To understand this, refer to our chapter “Dealing Big-bet poker.”

  The chances of successfully running a bluff diminish sharply when there are several poker players who still have to act. After having bet, the odds improve for the next poker player as each opponent calls. This double-edged factor is little understood.

  You have meaty odds of 6-1 when there is A pot bet and four players have called in front of you. However, you have to fight five other poker players for the pot. Thus, you chances of winning goes down. In floop games it is clear that if you make your hand there are less chances of the rival poker player to win.

  Therefore, the more the merrier. You may indeed make your hand in stud or lowball draw pkr games. However, be devastated by one of the other poker players.

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