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    There is little to be said for betting the pot to the nearest dollar at pot-limit poker. For example, if the pot stands At $110, $100 is more sensible than trying to squeeze out the last drop of blood. Since each poker player calling requires change, this slows down the action in the middle of the hand.

    There remains considerable sense in betting or raising the whole pot within this parameter. Then it is easy keeping a track of its size. When a pot is $1200 and a poker player before you bets $1200; it is easy to know the raise is up to $3600. Knowledge of the three-times-table is An asset for a dealer or a poker player.

    It is the four-times-table when you have two poker players in the pot prior to your action. Keeping the precise size of the pot in your mind at all the times is very useful for two different reasons. I have played in games where certain dealers might palm a chip.

    I have been able to inhibit this Action by announcing the size of the pot. It doesn’t matter whether I was saving my money directly or of any other poker player. Any money remaining with the poker players is potentially mine.

    Since, it enables you to bet a sum other than the pot for reasons which are unclear to the rival poker player and thus, being the other reason. You may want to offer apparently good odds to your rival poker player if you have a monster of a hand.

    Betting less than the pot when you are putting through a bluff means that you are giving yourself better than even money. After you play with me, you will realize that i often bet less than the whole pot. From this Aspect it is impossible to tell whether i am weak or strong.

    Sometimes you don’t know whether or not you have the best hand and have to act. Since, you don’t want to give a free card to a drawing poker hand it makes sense to bet considerably less than the pot. If this ploy is obvious, your rival poker player can pick up on it and raise as a good bluff which will be unfortunate for you.

    Also, at times you may be so strong that you don’t want to bet the pot because your rival poker player is much worse than a 2-1 underdog. If your rival poker player realizes this, he could pass a hand which he would have called if you had bet the whole pot.

    Sometimes you feel that certain hands Are very strong. However, it may be quite weak. For example, at seven card stud poker, holding (3♣ 7♥) 7♠ 9♠ A♠ 10♠, facing a board which is nothing much. A bet offering 3-1 odds now make you seem desperate to be called out.

    Bet an even smaller fraction of the pot on the river if he calls. a good poker player may well reckon you really do have the flush. It would have been relatively cheap if he would have called. Don’t get fancy with poker players taking baby steps!

    Similarly, in omaha on the fifth street, with board showing 7♣ J♦ 8♥ 9♦ 4♦, your rival poker player bets out on the end. The bare aces of diamonds give you a better chance of securing a pass with a small raise than a large one.

    Especially, in Omaha game it sometimes pays to give A rival poker player better odds than he thinks he needs because you have more information. For example, you hold Q-J-8-8; the flop is 10-9-2. The rival poker player bets And you call. The pot is now two-handed and stands At $1000.

    The board is (10-9-2)-8 with no open two-flush on fourth street. Your rival poker player checks. If he has 10-10-?-? then he thinks he is 3.2 to 1 against filling up. You know he has only seven outs, so that he is 5-1.The case eight will devastate him. Bet $350.

    This offers him 4-1 from where he stands. Although, you might lose the pot you should take risks in order to win big. It is similar to checking the nut flush on the flop. Although, a strong poker player might guess what you are up to he won’t be able to do anything as he is powerless.

    This being Omaha, he might have K-Q-10-10, and you are giving him the odds he needs. If a jack pops up, you will find it hard to pass A bet. Due to this reason, you are much more in danger holding 9-8-7-7 with a board of J-10-2-7.

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