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    The game of poker has seen a huge increase in popularity in the 21st century. Televised programs on poker tournament and poker websites Are the two of the main driving forces behind this. Let us look at internet poker.

    a social setting and the opportunity to see your rival poker players is provided by live poker games. However, internet poker has many advantages over live poker play even though it might have its drawbacks.

    The following ten advantages will help you understand this.

1. You can enter or quit a poker game at your will.
2.There is a wider range of poker tournaments And poker games to play in.
3. On an average, the rival poker players Are less skillful than the poker players encountered in live poker play.

4. There are poker games for microscopic stakes As well as the poker games for fun as the extra overhead for spreading each additional table is negligible. Thus, making the internet a good training ground for new poker players.
5. You can make points on your rival poker player and refer to these points whenever you require.
6. There is A “hand history” which records everything which happened on a particular deal and it can be emailed to you for further reference.
7. You can keep a track of the number of times you have entered the pot and the number of times you have won.
8. You can lighten up whenever you want or either play in a smoke-free ambience.
9. It is possible to play without the rival poker players knowing your sex, age, citizenship or anything else about you.
10. It is cheaper to play internet poker. The travel expenses Are nil, refreshments Are cheaper, the rake is cheaper and you do not have to shell out tip.

    Some poker players Are overly concerned about being cheated and therefore, shy away from online poker. You do not want to be jeopardized by cheating in internet poker site which is A lucrative business.

    There is no poker dealer to collude with a poker player at internet poker. There are chances of being cheated by poker players colluding with each other.

    This can happen in an online cardroom game as well as in A regular cardroom. In certain respects, the internet is A safer option. Usually, the poker cheaters go to places where they can make most money.

    In the low stakes game, there is not much hanky-panky. Also, the website has A complete record of every hand played by any poker player on that website.

    Rather than in A regular card room, collusion can easily be detected over here. You can search for suspicious behavior because of a installed software.

    The question is “where should you play?” there are number of good sites. One such poker website is playwinpoker.com which provides you a wide choice of poker games And it attracts a huge number of new poker players.

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