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London lowball poker Quiz

  1. What should you do when the high card (? ?) K has brought it in and all the poker players have passed and you have ( 7 7) 7?

Raise(2)   Call (-5)    Pass (0)

Just raise $600 if you are worried about raising. Always keep in mind that he needs two poker cards 7 or better to call which implies that the odds Are 3-1 against that. You are getting even money for your action.

  1. One low poker card has called, a second raised, a third called and a fourth raised before you can act. You have a 2 8. What should you do a. with the 8 hidden b. with the 8 showing.

Pass (2)    Call (-1)   Raise (-5)

There is going to be A raise no matter how you live your potential poker cards And you will end up all-in against poker players drawing better than you. It is too late for the fact that the 8 is concealed to make any difference.

  1. You hold (A 6) 2 and King brings it in. 2 calls. 6 raises. 4 raises.

Raise the maximum (2)   a small raise (1)   Call (1) Pass(0)

Now, you should not do fancy poker play as the time for that has Already passed. You have the ultimate poker hand and all the money is going in. However, do not be surprised if you lose. If you are extremely tight and want to pick a better spot, passing isn’t that dreadful. However, do not tell this to anyone after the pot.

  1. (? ?) 7 2 has bet. (? ?) 3 8 calls. You hold (A 4) 7 9.

Pass (2)   Call (-2)  Raise (-100)

The second poker player is certainly beating you.

  1. You hold (6 5) 2 3. Two poker players Are to speak with (? ?) A 8 and (? ?) 7 2.

Check (2)  Bet (1)

If you hit an ace later, marvelous things can happen. The 7 2 might raise if you unhappily bet and a 8 calls.

  1. (? ?) 6 5 has bet. (? ?) 3 Q calls. You hold (A 2) 4 7.

Raise the same amount as first poker player (3) Raise the pot (2) Call (-1)  Pass (-100)

Also, he will raise a small tempter if the first poker player cooperates. It is time to move in if the Q calls Again. This is A rare example of two poker players cooperating legitimately. Very few lowball poker hands Are worth slow playing on fourth street; the 3 Q can catch up. Hence, a call is mediocre.

a small raise will oddly budge the middle poker player if he holds (? ?) 3 8 whereas he will keep coming for a monster bet. The reason for this is because he does not fancy hurting his ego during the agony of a series of small raises.

  1. (3 2) 7 5 9 against (? ?) 3 6 a facing a. An all-in poker bet     b. A pot bet where there are still bundles left to bet. He has charged on third and fourth streets.

Call (2)  Pass (1)  Raise (in the latter case) (-10)

He might have paired up. If he hits good poker card, you should pass the next poker card.

  1. (A 2) 6 6 against (? ?) 3 K which has checked.

Bet small. E.g. $200 (2)  Bet the pot (-2)  Check (1)

You have the advantage if both of you have lots of money left because he will always be the first to speak and it is more difficult for him to hit a 6. When poker players see you bet with the “inferior” poker hand, they tend to act crazy.

  1. (A 4 5) 8 3 9 7 against (? ? ?) 7 6 6 Q, where you have bet sixth street.

Check (2) Bet (0)

You must leave the rival poker player room to bluff because in the heat of the battle your rival poker player has forgotten that you might well have a better four to a 7 than him. A small bet might help him recall that.

  1. A K Q J 10 suited and 6 4 3 2 a are both known as Royals. What are the chances of hitting each in five poker cards?

Royal flush 650,000 to 1 (2).  Royal Low 2530 to 1 (2).

Poker players generally think that a perfect low is much more improbable than it actually is because these both are called royals.

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