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Lowball poker Draw Quiz

The following scenarios take place at no limit ace to five lowball with a joker. The poker game is eight handed with a $10 ante, blinds of $15 and $25 and a minimum bring in of $50. Let us Assume that each poker player starts with $1,000 worth of chips. Case one to six take place before the draw, and case seven to twelve after the draw.

  • What do you do when you hold 8-8-7-4-2 under the gun?

Answer: fold (10)   raise (6)   call (2)

Reason: These rough nines Are opened by limit poker player on A regular basis. At no limit poker, a fold is in order. Your position is bad. You must stay pay as your poker hand has no flexibility. It is likely that some other poker player might have the joker.

You will not win a big pot with this type of poker hand. However, if you get stubborn, you can lose one. Stealing the antes is the main function of a pat rough nine at no limit poker. Muck this dog and do not try to do from an early position.

  • You hold 8-5-4-2-Joker. What do you do when you open for $150 in early position and the button raises to make it $500 straight.

Answer: Raise (10)      Call (8)      Fold (0)

Reason: Even against a tight poker player, you have a through ticket. There is no way to avoid losing all your chips if you get a smooth eight cracked. It is correct to raise all-in against most poker players in case they are drawing which is quite unlikely. You should consider calling against a poker player about whom you are sure that he holds A pat poker hand.

To discourage the rival poker player from breaking a loser such as 9-8-3-2-A or 8-7-4-2-a and drawing to beat you is the main purpose of this. It is possible that the rival poker player might be confused when you simply call and will stand pat. This cute poker play of just calling is worth mentioning whenever I would simply play back and stand pat.

  • What do you do when you open for $150 in early position on 9-7-5-2-a and the button raises to $500 straight?

Answer: Fold (10)        Call (3)      Raise (3)

Reason: This type of poker reading hand is too weak and has poor prospects. To draw out of position to 7-5-2-A is unsound poker. Hence, you must fold.

  • What do you do when you are in the big blind with 7-7-4-2-Joker and the button opens for $150?

Answer: Raise (10)      Call (5)      Fold (0)

Reason: You have a high quality one card poker draw. The button poker player might be trying to steal on A relatively weak poker hand. You should test your rival poker player by raising to $500.

a good place for reraising without a pat poker hand is this scenario where there are only a few poker players left to contend the pot. You are not without chances even if the rival poker player has a good poker hand.

  • What do you do when you open for $150 in early poker position holding 8-6-3-2-a and when all the poker player fold around to the big blind who raises to $500 straight?

Answer: Call (10)      Raise (8)      Fold (2)

Reason: It all depends on you whether you want to raise all your chips in the scenario where the rival poker player is drawing or call and entice him into standing pat with a loser. Calling is the superior poker play out here.

a pat poker hand is indicated by the large amount of the raise and it would be difficult for your rival poker player to save his remaining $400 on the final betting round as there is Already about $1,300 in the pot. The risk must be taken even though you might not have a winner.

  • What do you do when you are on the button holding 3-2-A-A-a and a poker player in early position opens for $125 and a poker player in the middle calls?

Answer: Fold (10)      Raise (4)      Call (0)

Reason: a two card draw is unsound even on the button against rival poker players who will either be standing pat or drawing one poker card. It might be tempt some poker players to try making a big raise and standing pat if called as you hold so many poker hands, it is A bit too exotic.

There is Another ace and the joker is to be accounted for. Your rival poker players can make a six low even without these poker cards. This indicates that they have good poker hands. You should fold if you have a bad poker hand.

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