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    There is no clear definition of successful big-bet poker players or even world Champions. The number of starting hands played, aggressiveness, table image, and a host of other characteristics considerably vary.

    Mr. Reuben- my collaborator plays more aggressive poker and has A fiercer image than i do. However, we both get the job done in our own styles. Each poker player should develop a style which suits him the best. My results would suffer if i tried to copy Stew’s style and perhaps vice-versa.

    The best approach for the majority of poker players is the solid style of play which i use. You should be excellent at reading situations And rival poker players if you play a lot of hands And constantly use money to fight your way out of tight spots.

   To be successful with a very aggressive style of play, you need to have the highest quality of poker skills. Also, there would be wider fluctuations in your bankroll.

    Having a solid approach doesn’t mean that you should totally abandon risky plays such as raising a hold’em pot on a 7-6 suited, and so on. You should not be completely predictable.

    The solid player can be distinguished from the very aggressive player on the frequency of such play. Most of the aggressive poker players are not in high gear all the time. Knowing the situation and by how much he can get away with are the characteristics of a good aggressive poker player.

    If nearly all his bets Are called because the game is weak, he will back off and start showing down winners. Generally, this difference in playing style takes place early in the deal.

    Here, the style refers to things such as how many hands to play and how often to raise the pot. Later, when you have enough knowledge about the enemy holding, it becomes less A question of style.

    By that time, there is likely A right and wrong thing to do and any good poker player is supposed to do the right thing. If that means playing a bold bluff, even a solid poker like me is going to put the money in the pot.

    Deciding before hand about playing super-solid or doing some gambling at the poker den is A common poker mistake which should be avoided. We don’t know what cards Are going to be dealt to us.

    If in the beginning, we start with a nice run of hands it would look as if we are doing a lot of gambling though we actually may have a good hand each time we have bet or raised.

    It would be insane if we hold the usual collection of ugliness As if we were playing tight poker and play any of the terrible hands we have been dealt with.

    The best way is to go with the flow of cards, not taking decisions before hand, and taking actions depending upon the perception of other poker players about you at that point in the session.