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  Certain smart poker players have sat in games with foreigners whose language they understood and I am sure about it. However, I won’t go in the details of it. The most illuminating aspect could be the supposedly unintelligible conversations.

  Since i am a purist, i find poker players who profess A deep interest in the welfare of their weak rival poker plyars in bad taste. It is extremely false when you gushingly ask them about them and their family well-being. However, let’s be honest; poker is a game of play-acting.

  To such an approach, some poker players do react positively. I have never been accused of being the greatest diplomat in the world. Having good relationship with rival poker players make you feel that you have moral imperative to go easy with that rival poker player.

  According to me, taking no prisoners is more profitable. However, the beauty of poker lies in the fact that what is right for one poker player might be completely wrong for the other poker player. Often outsiders mistakenly think that the poker players Are having cut throat competition, both on and off tables.

  This is not necessarily the scenario. Often, poker players have close relations with each other. Sometimes, if the rival poker has been destroyed by a particularly virulent outdraw, people do feel distressed. In a limit-poker game this type of social reaction is less prevalent.

  Some pooker games do run continuously for days on end. According to me not staying up for several days, clean living, and not being on coke or speed is A big advantage. In England, and frequently in America, a poker game will start at a fairly set time, and run its natural course for less than a day.

  As the day wears on, the pot-limit poker games keep on growing in size. It is fairly obvious As the winners Are playing with more money. Generally, the loser likes to maintain at least half of the money, which is stuck on the table. This way they can get out of it in one shot.

  Often the game becomes wilder at the end when there is A set closing time as the losers try their level best to raise to build big pots. Obviously, this has got no logic; tomorrow is Another day. Expressions such as “lift off” or “entering phase four” own their origin to this.


  The rival poker player’s way of thinking is of utmost importance even though knowing your own mental framework is Also important. The game enters it existential final stage when you are able to take it further, think what the rival poker player thinks About you.

  Now, you are unfortunately up against high quality rival poker players. I seek greener pastures, as there is little profit here. If you are game for playing in a money game against all the best international poker players, then so be it. I feel rather than forced errors, poker is a game of mistakes.

  It often pays simply to lie back and await the rival poker player’s Attack when he is pushy. Thus, contradicting the generally held view that you need to be aggressive. It often pays to underbet the pot as here it is unlikely that he will pass in the fear of losing too much money. Obviously, the nature of the life is that often you won’t have the best hand so the best policy is to blast him out.

  Joining a game already in progress to find out how everybody is doing is very useful. I like to disguise my standing by playing with a large sum of money on the table. Getting information from the poker player who has been at the table for some time is Also very informative and useful.

  One of my friends used to toke me a chip for information on somebody who he hadn’t previously encountered.  Once, i told him that the poker player was complete stranger to me. After getting to know this he pushed the poker chip over. Obviously, my information was still useful although not as much so as telling him the poker player had only one week to live.

  Different poker players react differently when they are down to their last few chips. Also, you must be able to understand the difference between players who are doing badly in a game and those who have struck rock-bottom in life. Some people out of desperation will throw in the money and think “ What the hell”?

  On the other hand the conservative poker players will try to hold on until they have a lock. When the poker player have just got to level after having bobbed up and down, this is the time when they are most reluctant to take any tenuous Action. Now, they are most vulnerable to a bluff. They don’t want to get involved. Taking life as one long poker game is the correct winning attitude.

  It is Always helpful to know when some poker player is emotionally hurt for reasons outside the game making them sometimes play better. Often, we tend to play a sequence of hands Aggressively, then a group more defensively, and henceforth.

  Mixing up your play is A betting strategy, as the rival poker pleyer has no clues As to where you are. For example, you are playing after having a break up with your girlfriend. You don’t think about the situation and let few hands pass; then it comes in your mind and you play like a ferocious beast. How can the rival poker players cope with our mood shift? I hope we don’t have visible emotional indicators on our heads.

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