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“How Deep The money is determines Your play”

    There is so much similarity between Pot-limit poker and no-limit poker and hold’em- Both are “big-bet poker”. The strategies discussed in this chapter apply to both form of pokers until specifically stated otherwise.

    No-limit poker allows you to overbet the pot size whereas this is not possible in pot-limit poker. This is the only difference in rules between the two betting structures. Two-time world Champion Doyle Brunson called no-limit hold’em as “The cadillac of poker games.”

    At most poker championships, the grand finale event is played at this demanding game. Patience, skill at reading the rival poker player and aggressiveness is needed here. It is similar for pot-limit hold’em. Limit hold’em is familiar with most people.

    We will see how our starting game is Affected after comparing limit poker with big-bet poker. You can win an extra couple of bets by turning a super-class hand like a set at limit play. The upside is far greater at big-bet poker.

    You can double through the rival poker player, winning a pot from two to twelve times the average pot size, maybe even greater. More worth is Attached to hands that can win a big pot. At any form of hold’em, a pair of aces is A fine hand. However, they are even nicer at big-bet poker.

    But, it should be understood that their most important function is to get all-in before the flop against K-K, Q-Q, A-K, and any other hand that the rival poker player may play strongly play at this point.

    Aces Are at their best in a no-limit hold’em as it is easier to get all-in at no-limit poker. The unimproved aces seem to bust the holder after the flop as often the rival poker player. So you should be careful with only one pair.

    Any pair is more valuable at big-bet poker than at limit poker as A concealed set is the classic hand for doubling up. Obviously, to make a concealed set, you need to start with a pair. It is A very hard hand to turn loose once you flop a set.

    It is A rare occurrence when you get set over set. However, it is so expensive to be on the lower end that small pairs Are a double-edged proposition. I would advise you to play deuces through fives only in late position and unraised pots.

    If you want to get doubled up, the nut flush is A fine hand. There is something about a flush that makes the card stick to your hand, and many a poker player has lost his stack by getting married to a non-nut flush. Hence, a suited ace is A better hand at big-bet poker than at limit play poker.

    Still, to participate in A raised pot, it needs An accompanying big card. Even though hands like 7-7 or a suited ace are worth more at big-bet poker, the entry price to a raised pot is many times greater than at limit play poker.

    Avoid being overcharged to see the flop as these hands need improvement to contend after the flop, and you are an underdog. This is discussed later. Something has to got to be worth less if pair and suited aces Are worth more at no-limit poker.

    That something is big unsuited cards. At limit play poker, hands with an offsuit A-K, A-Q, and K-Q are used for making top pair with a good kicker. For winning a small pot-or losing a big one, that hand is okay.

    These hands Are dangerous As we aim for getting doubled up. Unless forced to by a very high ante structure, you should not back top pair with all your money.

    Position is Another point of difference between big-bet poker and limit poker. At big-bet poker, you can trap someone for his whole stack or steal a large pot through good position whereas At limit play poker, you can just trap someone for an extra bet or steal a small pot.

    When the money is deep in relation to the blinds And ante structure, position assumes A more significant role. For example, each poker player has a grand in chips. Position becomes much more important with blinds of $5-$5-$10 than blinds of $50-$50-$100.

    You can use your positional advantage on each poker betting round, instead of simply deciding whether to go all-in before the flop in the former situation. “Position” is normally defined by most people as the privilege of acting later or last on a betting round; which means being on or near the button.

    There is Another form of position that has great importance at big-bet hold’em. That is having good position in relation to the raiser.

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