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  This concept cannot be discussed in detail, as there is little of more importance than going to the library in big-bet poker, is that it can’t be taught. You have to learn by experience and “feel’. You cannot explain this.

  Against a certain poker player at seven card stud poker, i had a hand. I bet and he raised all-in. If he had one specific card in his hand, this would have been justified. Since, he didn’t had it i called “knowing’. When he hit this precise card, the look on his face was Almost worth the fact that i had lost the pot.

  Once, Jackie went all in against me at ceven card stud with an open pair of 8ª.Since, his cards were so dead I understood he couldn’t be full. After a lot of thinking, and one card to come i called with aces. He said “Full house ”. I responded by saying “No, you haven’t.” He had two pair and improved to out-draw him.

  Tony is a good poker player. At omaha poker, the flop was Q-7-4. I held kings. With tony last to speak, the hand was checked on the floop. Here, came an 8. Everybody checked to Tony. He bet, and with just that pair, i raised. He said “call”. The last card led a board of Q-7-4-8-4.

  Both tony and me checked. He said that he had a straigh. My riposte was “No, you don’t”. He conceded that I was right after looking at his hand. He won as he unfortunately had a 4 in his hand. As i knew better than him about what he held, he is still annoyed with me.

  Please don’t hesitate in making me understand these things. In the previous example, i felt tony would not check in last position with four to an up-and-down nut straight. Still there are three examples in 25 years play where i knew better than my rival poker player to what they had in the hole. Still, i am considered to be one of the most rational poker players.


  Sometimes A play is made which doesn’t seem logical. In big-bet poker the reverberations can be substantial but this has little effect at limit poker as it can be ignored.

  For example, recently in limit seven card stud I held on fourth street (Q© 2©) 8© K©. I checked the other two poker players, as I was high. As the first poker pleyar bet, both me and the other poker player called. On fifth street (Q© 2©) 8© K© 6§ and I was still high. Now I bet. Both the poker players called. I received two calls for the card six on which i had again bet. On the rivier, i made flush, bet out and received two calls.

  They were very anxious when i revealed my hand. However, i put an end to their misery by telling them that 6§ was totally irrelevant. Obviously, it looked as though that six helped me. There would have been fair chances of my winning the pot there and then if i had hit an 8 or 6 on sixth street. a heart on sixth street is unlikely to put on the frighteners.

  With an open pair in seven stud, my rival poker player was high. He bet, and I with a flash raised. He called and then came out. Obviously, betting bindl on the river. What should I understand from this? Anyway, i called and won. I tried the same trick few months later when i had a fll house. My rival poker player passed. Obviously, he did not notice my bizarre play.

  In ohmaha there are many poker players in the pot and the flop shows A 10-7. Everybody checks. Now a 2 has been popped up by fourth street and the poker player decides to bet early in hand. What was the relevance of deuce? Of course, the answer is that it almost certainly isn’t; the previous three cards were the important ones.

  Normally, you should treat irrational or insane plays As Acts containing no inherent information. After all, your rival poker player might be stoned or drunk!


  Splendid opportunities for a good read are provided by hands in which there are more than two participants.  At sixth street in seven card stud a poker player has bet with (? ?) A 4 9 A. You called with two pair and a third party did likewise with (? ?) K 9 7 J.

  The first poker player goes All-in on the river. The rival poker player having something else than kings up is inconceivable. A pass is required. Sometimes, it is possible to call with only two pair in the belief the aces Are casino bluffing.

  At limit poker, i have managed even this myself. You are actually bluffing the third poker player in the hand with your call. You can scoop in a substantial pot with A ridiculous holding as his king must pass. This is similar to black magic and can put the third poker player on the tilt.

  Again it is seven stud. You hold (Q 9) Q 8 2 4 with all your cards spread around the table. Your sole rival is A strong poker player. You bet and he raises. If he bets, a call is in order and a call at the river. It is better if both the queens have fallen. You can call blind. He might be on a steal.

  Once again, it is seven stud. You hold (A§ 7§) 9§ 4§. All the nines And fours have passed and the pot is checked to you. You bet and are raised. Raise again. He is trying to push over with a dead hand. The high card has Acted and three poker players each with a 2 call at London lowball. You hold (A 2) 3 and raise the pot.

  The next poker player with a six does the calling. All the other poker players pass. Card 4 (A 2) 3 6 and your strong rival poker plyar (? ?) 6 A now comes out of betting the pot. For six in the hole, he is reading you. Now raise the maximum. You will never have such a favorable situation. He should be able to work out that you have the case 2 if he is reading in comfort and leisure.

  This pot actually happened, and my much respected rival poker player called holding (8 4) 6 A. It was virtually all in. He thought that 2-1 for his money was A fair shot. To be honest, he is in dire straits Against this holding. Before taking the total plunge, he should have waited for the poker card. He could pass no matter how large the pot and small the bet if i had hit the case 2.

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