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(8) In the chapter on poker odds, we will discuss the whole problem of whether you having the adequate odds to call an all-in bet against a hand you “know” to be beating you.

  If there are two poker players in the pot and one has bet, while the next limped in, then it is fine to call with a four-flush, especially if it is something like (K♣ 7♣) 4♣ A♦ 9♣ 3♥ where you are bluffed on fourth street. Against making the flush, you have odds of 4-1 and only 3-1 odds for your money. However, you have good impld odds. That is there is very fair chance that you will be paid off if you hit the fuslh.

(9) It is not clear whether you should call a pot bet from one rival poker player at sixth street to make an outdraw. Let me recall the most extraordinary pot i’ve been involved in. Although, it has no educational value, it is still my favorite story. Generally, i charge $25 to listen to a big bet.

  Card three I was forced to bring it in with (6♠ 4♠) A♥. Many poker players called. However, the a♣ passed. Card four i held (6♠ 4♠) A♥A♦ and Hungarian Lou held (? ?) J♣ 7♣. I bet most of the pot and Lou and other poker player called. Card five i had (6♠ 4♠) A♥A♦ A♠. Lou showed (? ?) J♣ 7♣ 3♣. The third party did not matter. I bet part of the pot and Lou raised the maximum.

This might seem like a very rare play with a flush against open trips. However, it is perfectly sound. I was forced in at card three and therefore can be played for random hole cards. The a♣ has passed, and therefore against a hidden pair, it is 15-1 favorite. I correctly called. The pot stood at $300 and I have a fair chance of improving and I do, i should get the lot.

  Card six I held (6♠ 4♠) A♥A♦ A♠ K♠ against (? ?) J♣ 7♣ 3♣ Q♣. After my check, Lou bet $300. Here, i might not only hit a full house but also a winning flush, a total of 18 outs. I am approximately close to even money to raise all in. It wouldn’t be a bad bluff except i knew ,ou would call with his flush. If i improve, he would call on the last card.

  Card seven: I didn’t improve and checked. Our (ungarian friend set himself in for $900 and I passed. ,ou showed his three hole cards. There was not a club among them and also he could not beat a pair of aces. This is A impossible coup! Now the masters of poker said that i should not have called card six and passed.

  They said that i should have called on seventh street as it was An obvious bluff. No poker player would bet a flush. This is a hopeless situation. Let us consider the more mundane (K K) 4 7 K 9 against (? ?) 5♣ 8♣ Q♣ 2♣. The pot in which he bets is $1000. The question is whether you should call or not? Against improving, it is 3-1.

  Therefore, the hand must be passed if you can figure out that he has A flush and he is All-in. It is a winning proposition to call and bet  out  if he still has money. The made flush almost never passes. It might seem that there is no problem if the rival poker player was bluffing. But, if you fail to fill and check, and he will bet, and you should invariably pass.

  a strong poker player might well check back his flush in case you are sandbagging when you make your full house and check which is very strange. Therefore, rather than blffing, you are preferring the rival poker player to beat you. The scenario would have been ideal if the poker player with the possible flush had nearly $3000 left.

  Since, the rival poker player has no need to fear A reraige, it is correct for him to go all-in when you trap-check with the house. It is obvious that if the rival poker player would have been the first to speak, life would have been easier; perhaps in our e.g. Having hit the a♣ instead of the 2♣. You have your odds by calling with a ful house at the river if he bets. Do not bother about raising. You should bet the pot if he checks.

  If you both have unlimited funds, another problem arises. I once held (4♣ 3♣) 5♣ 8♣ A♣ Q♠ against a tight solid poker player- Sid with (? ?) 4 7 9 K. The pot held $3000 as I was called at card six which was very surprising. I have long since given up trying to defeat this rival poker player, and bet $1500 blind, allowing him to realize this. He thought for a long time and hesitantly called. I understood what happened.

  The rival poker player had decided not to raise as he had improved. He thought that i might hold three aces And would have no call. The only result from his raise if i improved would be A reraise. The rival poker player knew that I was capable of raising without the full house as A bluff and therefore, was Afraid of me. I announced my flush, and to my horror, turned over the straight flush, having hit the 2♣.

  I would have been sure to win $3000 if i had bet the pot or checked. Even though, the rival poker pelyer’s hand didn’t merit A raise once made, it was not a mistake for him to call sixth street. It was possible that I was on a bluff, betting my overlay. Even if he failed to improve, he might well have called at the reiver. Just to let you know, Sid’s Actual holding was 4 4 4 7 7.

  Against a Canadian poker player who must have been the tightest, dullest, softest poker player i have ever played I had the following hand. (10♣ 10♠) 10♦ 10♥ Q♦. The Canadian rival poker player held (? ?) 4 A 7 9. This rival poker player called the $1000 bet on sixth street which was very surprising.

  The only possible hand was with three aces. Also, irrespective of the size of my bet, he would pass on the river until he improved. After the last card I bet $3000, this Canadian rival poker player raised $9000, and I set him in for $2000 more, which he called.

  Here, i made a blunder and told him that he required the fourth ace to win. He left the game and never returned. Such a big loss! Generally, you cannot win much from such poker players and they are there just to fill the numbers. However, they are a steady and certain source of income.

  Two poker players, frank Thompson and Sid told me that they would not have raised had I bet $3000. It is obvious that I was either bluffing where A raise is of no use, or i could beat aces full. I have already mentioned that there are certain poker players whom I cannot outplay. Any poker player who claims that he would pass Aces full for $2000 in a $29,000 pot is bragging.

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