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Seven card stud Quiz

  1. If you face A raise with two clubs showing and you hold (Q♣ 2♣) , then

    Pass (2)    Call (0)    Raise (-10)

    There are very less chances of you making flush in such a case.

  1. When you are facing a bet, and have (6♣ 6♠) 3♥.

    Call (2)    Raise (0)    Pass (0)

    The poker hand appears to be on a draw if you hit it. Thus, this is An ideal pair.

  1. (a a) K, against an ace. You have raised and he has reraised.

    Reraise (2)    Call (1)    Pass (-100)

       You cannot be an underdog and you can’t be losing. You are substantial favorite if the rival poker player holds such as A a J. However, you would not mind a pass. You don’t know where he ’s if the rival poker player does not have aces which is more dangerous. If he folds, that would be pitiful.

  1. (8 7) 9, with no cards 5 through Jack showing, facing A raise.

    Call (2)    Raise (-10)    Pass (1)

    Obviously, you do not want to generate action with this poker hand because it breaks off too readily.

  1. (A♣ 4♣) 7♣ 10♣.
  1. Facing a bet.
  2. Facing a check.
  3. Call (2)    Raise (2)    Pass (-10)

     It is good to call and encourage the poker players to join the party when there are poker players to come. Also, it is Also good to go to war which implies that there are plenty of clubs left and there is no open pair.

    Bet (2) Check (0)

        You might win the poker pot there and then. You are not strong if you do not win the pot. To win you have to calculate poker odds. A check really counts As slowplay.

  1. When you are facing a bet from the high card and A raise from (? ?) 2♣ Q♣.
  2. Pass (2)    Call (1)    Raise (-10)

      You have a David v/s Goliath fight. A four straight is A big underdog to a four flushes. Against two pair, this isn’t that great. But you are going to get action if you hit it next card as poker players do not fear straights.

  1. (A♥ 7♥) Q♥ 10♥ and face a bet from (? ?) 7 7.
  2. Call (2)    Pass (2)    Raise (1)

      It is correct to pass Against certain tight poker players. However, you do have one of your rival poker player’s cards. Calling is natural and raising is misleading.

  1. (7 7) A 4 and face a bet from (? ?) 7 7.
  2. Raise (2)    Call (-2)      Pass (2)

       In a scenario where you call and the rival poker player bets Again, then your only hope is to raise. Then, the pot is huge. To blast away and hope to win immediately is the better option is this situation. The best option could be passing.

  1. (K 7) 7 9 K 2 and face a bet from (? ?) A 6 5 10 who has been betting all the way.
  2. Raise (2)    Call (0)    Pass (-1)

      Your poker hand looks very innocuous And could be a four straight. The rival poker player might be betting with bare aces. Even though, i might have lost my small shot at a full house, i am happy to pass if he reraises.

  1. (K 7) K♦ 9♦ Q Q against (? ?) A 4 2 9. You called his bet on fourth and fifth street. Now, you bet and he raises.
  2. Raise (2)    Call (2)    Pass (2)

       The opposition determines it all. The rival poker player might be putting you on a four flush and might be raising with dry aces. The rival poker player might have you beaten. With your overlay, you might be able to blast him out. If you want exact science, stick to chess.

  1. (A 7 2) A 9 Q 7, against (? ? ?) 9♠ 2♦ 10♠ 4♣.
  2. Bet the pot (0)  Bet small (1)  Check (2)

        You would understand the difference between this type of poker and limit poker over here. In limit poker, none of the poker players would try to rip off the ace so that there is no serious chance of a bluffing bet on the river. Hence, in that poker game, you bet for a call from two pairs. Now, you are unlikely to get action if you bet out except from a poker hand beating you. You might snap off a bluff or receive a bet from two pair if you check.

  1. (9♣ 2♣ Q♣) 4♣ 5♣ 9♥ Q♠ against (? ? ?) 9 10 8 7. You were quite active earlier in the pot. Now you check at the river; he bets, you raise, and he reraises.
  2. Call (10)    Pass (2)    Raise (-20)

     Your rival poker player looks for all the world like a straight. However, he could hold 8-7 in the hole and have hit a full house. It would be unwise on your part to reraised him as the rival poker player knows that he has a transparent looking straight and yet you are reraising. It is best to pass Against the correct rival poker player as this is An apple juice poker hand.

  1. (4 4 9) 6 2 6 6 against (? ? ?) Q♥ 6♥ 7 Q. You have bet fifth and sixth streets.
  2. Check (2)         Bet (0)

    Be prepared to pass if the rival poker player bets As it is obvious that you are full.

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