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    Strip deck poker is played with 32 cards And all the deuces through sixes Are removed from the deck. Strip deck poker can either be played either five card stud or five card draw, normally the former.

    All the poker players receive one card facedown and one card faceup each. The high card has to bet and there is betting interval. Each poker player gets three more cards faceup, with a betting interval after each.

    One seemingly individualistic rule is that a flush beats A full house. The reason for this is because it is more difficult to get a flush when a stripped deck is used, as A suit consists of only eight cards.

    The sequence 10-9-8-7-A is A low straight; an ace might still be used for the lowest card in the deck. Three of a kind does beat a straight in some remote places.

    However, a straight is thought of as being a better hand. (There would be more straights than trips if five cards Are dealt out randomly.) I am very happy that this poker game is little-played now.

    As two poker players can easily tell each other what their hole card is, it is excellent for cheating. This can be an advantage when there are only 20 unseen cards.

    Also, it is easy to mark the cards, and the dealer can assume what card his “friend” would like to be given. Actual odds can be calculated and the possibilities of making an inside straight can surely be high enough to justify calling on fourth poker street.

    Like in London lowball poker, it used to be a big gambling game appearing deceptively simple. Never bet into a possible lock. E.g. You hold (A) K 10 8 a against (?) A 10 8 7.

    The distinction from the limit is shown by this. The rival poker player could easily have been coping along and you calling. Here, he checks At the river, or even bets.

    It could prove suicidal if you bet or make A raise which is not all-in. The rival poker player simply raises And you have no idea about what hole cards he holds.

    In the movie “The Cincinnati Kid”, this is the error which Steve McQueen made against Edward G Robinson. I like the late harry Rubin story. He was once playing poker in a strip-deck draw poker game with a group of good customers.

    With A♦ K♦ (a terrible holding), he opened in last seat. Many poker players called and he took three cards. There was a huge amount of action before it ever got to him, a bet or two raises After the draw.

    When he looked at his hand, he realized that he had struck gold; A♦ K♦ Q♦ J♦ 10♦, a royal flush. He quickly mucked his hand as it was his club, he was dealing and the customer might be suspicious that he might have cheated! In the long run, a judicious pass could have been more financially rewarding.