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  Without beating the second-place finisher heads-up, it is difficult to get all the chips. Getting eliminated from the poker competition is the only way you can avoid playing shorthanded. It is essential to become a proficient poker player at shorthanded poker play if you want to be a successful poker tournment poker player.

  For some tips on how to do this, refer to the chapter “Shorthanded play”. Your stradgy can be hugely be affected by your chip position when you are at the final table of a poker tournament. By staying out the action until a short stack goes broke, can you win a bigger prize?

  For e.g. Most of the finalist poker pelyers have $5000 to $20000 in front of them. You have only $2000. However, there is one rival poker player who is in worse condition having only $400 which is the amount of the gib blind.

  Try to stay out of pots And give the unfortunate one a chance to go broke if the payoffs Are structured in such a way that finishing in the next higher place puts you in the money or substantially increases your prize. Play differently if you have a lot of chips.

  An excellent target is the little guy who needs to rob the antaes to stay alive in the poker competition. Losing to him is not fatal as he might not have much of a hand. A poker player with a big stack is Also vulnerable. Just when things looked rosy for him, your little jabs can get him thinking about getting busted.

  Until you have a potent hand, avoid playing a big pot against him. The right play under normal situations might be markedly different from the right play on a hand late in a poker tournament. You should pay extra attention to the size of each stack around the table in poker tournaments As the amount of a poker player’s chips have a huge effect on his play.

  For e.g. short stacks Are more common in poker tournaments than cash games. In many poker tournaments, i have seen the foolish play of a bluff made when one of the rival poker players in the pot was All-in, or when the rival poker player had very few chips that he had to call.

  You are not guaranteed of success in poker tournament by just being just a skilful poker player. The character of play changes especially at pot-limit poker. In small one night weekly competitions, you must look for available opportunities to acquire poker tournament experience.

  You will gain insight into poker tournament strategy even if the betting structure is limit poker rather than pot-limit poker. Someday, you might even be starting on the road to a vorld poker championship title. Let us discuss satellite poker tournament.

  a satellite poker tournament is A contest to win an entry into a larger poker tournament. Most of the satellite poker tournaments Are one table events where you receive a prize only if you finish first. Since, multi table satellite that pays many places is more like A regular poker tournament in nature; we will confine our discussion to this type of satellite.

  It is essential to make an adjustment in stratogies you use when you change the scoring system for a pokker game. Satellite poker events need A rethinking of some of the methods employed as it is very different from A regular poker tournament.

  The importance of knocking the rival poker player out of the poker event when you have reached the final table is understood by those poker players who regularly compete at poker tournament events. The reason for this is that by simply survival, it is possible to win a prize without even collecting a large number of chips.

  This is Applied to any poker event that pays more than one place. Even if you did not get any of the chips, your chances improve whenever any of your rival poker players get knocked out of the poker tournament.

  a winner take all poker tournament is very different. By “paying” for the prize with the chips you have won is the only way you can get a prize. The nature of winner take-all poker tournament does not change even though the last two or three poker players sometimes make a deal.

  It is unlikely that a deal will be made if there are three poker players left and two poker players have nearly all the money. If a deal was struck, the third poker player would not get much. If the poker world champion has only a couple of chips left, then he is not going to intimidate his Adversaries.

  Let me propose a hypothetical situation to illustrate my point about the different strategy required for winner take-all poker toornament. For e.g. you are in a satellite poker tournament which started with ten poker players, each having $300 worth of chips. Therefore, the total number of chips in play is three grand.

  (This is common format in satellite poker pley.) You have amassed half the chips ($1500) because of your devastatingly skilful poker play. My question is would you rather have the remaining $1500 divided among three poker players, each with $500 or all in the hand of one poker player?

  Obviously, you would want only one other poker player if the poker event paid more than one place as this would be clinched second position for you. However, second position pays zero. By having fewer poker palyers, do you gain anything?

  No. 1 does not know whether it is easier to beat one rival poker player out of fifteen hundred than three poker players out of five hundred apiece. Keep in mind that your aim in satellite poker event is to accumulate all the chips And not to outlast many of the poker players.

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