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  This is the perfect time to discuss the practice of a portion of the poker players At a one table satellite poker tournament to have a small pool of money taken up voluntary special collection and rewarded for second position. Obviously, to be eligible to win this pool money, you should have kicked in to the collection.

  Therefore, the chances of the highest finish among the pool members getting the cheese is very high as the poker player who actually finishes second in the satellite poker event will not get involved in the pool. Planned poker stratetgy is required for lasting the longest (yet not winning first position) is quite different than the strategy needed for amassing all the chips.

  You should avoid confrontations And risk-taking if you want to survive and hope for a favorable situation before doing battle. If possible, a bluff should be avoided. From my experience, i feel that your chances of winning the satellite poker tourmanent reduce if you get involved in a pool that rewards survivalist tactics.

  Since, the pool members have an incentive to employ a less than optimum strategy for winning the satellite event, they give up a little something to non-pool members. A poker plyar who wants to be a successful competitor is his life must not do anything which might cause him to lose focus from the primary task.

  An unacceptable distraction would have been a bet of an inconsequential amount like five bucks. To be honest, many satellite poker entrants play as if they had a side bet with some poker player on who can last the longest. They do not risk chips until they have either a short stack or a big hand and seldom bluff.

  The satellite poker event generally lasts less than two hours. It is difficult to get the nuts. a good satellite poker player is a good improviser who hopes to beat the hand his rival poker player actually holds rather than all the hands his rival poker player conceivably has. Good satellite poker players do not come in a variety of styles. To win satellite poker events, you must be aggressive.

  It is necessary to be aggressive at the key moment. But that moment is in the later stages of poker ply, and not in the early stages. Let us discuss About this. Having ten entrants is the typical satellite format for hold’em. Each poker player gets three hundred dollars worth of chips.

  The poker blinds start out at five and ten dollars, and go up, usually doubled every fifteen or twenty minutes. There are nine other poker players At the start who are competing for a pot whose chips Are only five percent of your full stack. With a tiny pot, how are you supposed to play in a many-handed game?

  Tight, tighter and tightest. Until you are a strong favorite to win, do not get into a big fight.  At the start, tight play is Also dictated by another element of satellite poker play. Look at the other nine entrants. At a typical table, there are three tough poker players, three average poker players And three poker players whom you have never seen before in life.

  One of three poker players whom you have never seen before will be so afraid that you won’t ever play a pot with him and the other two new poker players will play like they are double-parked. If these two looses have as much king-high, you are liable to get called. Since they do not expect to win, they are not worried.

  They want to see how you play and enter another satellite poker event in a few minutes when they bust out in this one. Waiting for a good hand and doing nothing fancy is the correct strategy for the early stages of play. For the scenario to change markedly, you would not have to wait long.

  Many times it happens that by the time blinds Are raised for the first time, half the field disappears And crazies Are gone. Now, you are playing in a five-handed poker game and the bindl constitute ten percent of your stack instead of only five percent (until you are lucky enough to snag a pot.) Get ready to gamble as it is time to play a little poker.

  You might have an opportunity to size up the other poker players by this time. They also might be gambling. They do not seem to hold A rock hand any more than you do. Do not make a big laydown if you get something reasonable like tiop pair.

  It is hard to get a large overlay before the flop in hold’em which is of utmost importance in the late stages of satellite poker play. It is rare to get pair over pair and suchlike. The typical layout is more like A-Q vs K-9. Obviously, A-Q is favored. However, by not as big margin as poker players think’ it is less than a 2-1 favorite.

  There are many points in later stager of satellite poker play where you get caught trying to steal the blind money and have to put the rest of the money in and hope to draw out. There are also going to be a fair number of times where you actually have the best hand already but you hesitantly go with your hand hoping to improve.

  Do not be gun-shy before the fop. In a typical scenario of the table having shrunk to three finalist poker players, you should ideally have about a grand each in chips And the blinds to be at least $50 and $100. You don’t have much flexibility any time the blinds Are ten percent of your stack and you are posting two out of three deals.

  An ace is monster and a hand like Q-9 looks more than reasonable. If you get to be a finalist, be sure to readjust your hand value scale. The mental flexibility to adjust to the current scenario is the most important quality of the skilled satellite poker player.

  You go from A rock to an aggressive poker pleyar to a kamikaze pot in a space of less than an hour. The award is nice. About two out of ten satellite poker tournaments Are supposedly won by a top pot-limit poker player or a no-limit poker player.

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