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    a poker player is not prepared completely for tournament poker play by playing in pot-limit poker and no-limit poker games. Somewhat different strategy is involved in formal completion and altogether different psychology.

    There are enough differences to fill a whole book. Some top international poker players have problems breaking even in money games And vice versa. The following tips would be helpful for big bet poker players who wish to enter a tournament.

    The style of poker strategy used is greatly affected by the length of a tournament event. Many events Are one day competitions. A satellite poker tournament generally lasts only about a couple of hours. The World poker championship, a $10000 buy-in no-limit hold’em poker contest is A five day event which is held every spring.

    Antes And blinds Are raised on A regular basis in a poker tournament. As the poker players run out of ammunition, they are eliminated and the poker player who wins All the chips in the end is the eventual winner. The pace of the play is greatly influenced by the frequencies with which the antes, blinds And betting structures Are increased.

    Aggressiveness becomes even more important when the stakes Are raised at rapid intervals such as in a satellite event. Often at hold’em poker or omaha, no poker player will have a hand that has much of an advantage before the flop. For e.g. Against two overcards such as A Q-J, a pair of sixes has little edge.

    You get three shots to win when you are the better and you get your money in first. The rival poker player might fold, you might have the best hand and have it hold up, or you can get lucky and draw out. The meek inherit little whether it is A pot-limit poker or no-limit hold’em poker.

    Also, in poker tournament play, position is usually of not of huge importance. In most scenarios, the size of the antes And poker blinds in relation to the size of your stack is far greater in poker tournaments, especially in those events of shorter duration.

    In a poker tournament, some poker player is often all-in well before the last card has been dealt. It is preferable to exercise a positional advantage on all the betting rounds than ending the betting early because some poker player is All-in.

    “The right of first bluff” is a term which we poker players jokingly refer which means that the poker player who has to act first has the chance to launch a bluff before his rival poker player can do the same. In fast paced poker tournament events where no poker player has even a passable hand, many pots come up.

    The pot is won by the poker player who bets first. In such scenarios, is it a disadvantage to act before the rival poker player? The poker tournament strategy is very different from money play. Since, one or more poker players go on tilt, money games become more attractive.

    After losing some big pots And getting stuck, many poker players become steamers. They will call, bet, or raise in that situation on far small values than normal. You are virtually out of competition when you lose a big pot in poker tournament. You lose out on the benefit as the poker player does his steaming from the rail.

    Certain poker players do not play for the sole purpose of winning prize-money. Their aim is to see how long they can last against the big poker players. By bullying the rival poker player with your chips, you must exploit this Attitude.

    a good poker player has An entirely different attitude than the survivalist while he plays poker tournament. The good poker player would prefer to bust out early if he is going to finish out of the money. There are attractive prize money games Available for those who get eliminated.

    Many poker players will change their style of play in poker competitions because the psychology of poker tournament play is very different from money poker games. By going from a loose plunger to a subdued sitter, some poker players Actually do a Jekyll and hyde act.

    Pay more attention to the way your rival poker players play in the competitions rather than how they play for money. Many money poker games Are played with blinds whereas poker tournament competitions often use an ante in addition to the blinds. The play changes A bit due to the use of ante. At the start, there is A lot more money in each pot.

    It is very important to get your fair share or more of this booty. To do this, whenever you are the first poker player to enter a pot, prefer to raise. Some poker player might be trying to rob the antes himself if some poker player raises in front of you. If the game is shorthanded, the chances of this Are more.

    It might be preferable to reraised if you have enough strength to call A raise. If the situation is right, you might not even want to wait for a hand this strong to play back.

    Without excelling at shorthanded card play, it is possible to be a winning money player. When it gets short, you can simply quit a cash game. This does not hold true for poker tournament play. Poker prize funds Are structured to pay far more for the top slots.

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